The first time you sign up you’ll be asked to sync your CRM data with Dedupely.

Why does Dedupely need to sync my data?

Dedupely needs access to your data to find duplicates, merge duplicates and more.

Is my data secure?

Take a look at our security policy for a better understanding of our security or contact us to ask us what you want to know.

Can I choose which records to sync?

You can choose which record types to sync. (such as contacts, companies, deals, etc.)

All of the records for the chosen types will be synced. 

How long does it take to sync?

How long it takes to initially download and sync your data depends on your amount of data in your CRM.

The following are some estimations of the time is takes based on database size:

  • 0-50k records up to 10 minutes

  • 50-150k records up to 30 minutes

  • 150-300k records up to 1 hour

  • 300-600k records up to 5 hours

  • 600k-1M records up to 24 hours

  • 1M+ can take over 24 hours

These are estimates only and can vary depending on your CRM.

What happens when data is changed in either Dedupely or my CRM?

Your CRM sends Dedupely updates on changes as they happen in real time or fairly quickly. Large bulks of data updates in your CRM (e.g. large imports) can cause time lags in which syncing will take longer.

Merges made in Dedupely will update immediately. However queueing large numbers of merges in bulk will take extra time for Dedupely to process each one.