Setting up the HubSpot integration in Dedupely is easy.


Sign up and connect your HubSpot account

To start go to HubSpot <> Dedupely and click the trial link.

You will be redirected to the Connect Your CRM page.

Click Connect HubSpot and you’ll be redirected to HubSpot. Select the account you want to use and you’ll be redirected back to Dedupely. 

Once back at Dedupely you’ll be asked to add your email address, name and password.

Initial record sync

After completing the initial connection and signup you’ll be redirected to the Sync page where you can choose which records you want to dedupe.

Select the record types you want to find duplicates in with Dedupely. For HubSpot you can find Contacts, Companies and Deals.

Note: The more records you sync with Dedupely the higher the plan you fall under after your trial.

This only has to be done once and later all changes and new duplicates will be synced. Once you click Continue and start the download you’ll see a progress screen:

Once this is done you’ll be sent to the duplicate screen. 

Questions and Answers

We’re always here to answer any detailed questions you have about the HubSpot Integration. Please send any questions to or chat with us at